Author: Tom Johnson

Online Surveys (Is it really worth the time?)

Have you ever tried to make a little extra money on the side doing online surveys?  I have and the results are mixed.  Most, if not all, of the generic consumer related survey sites are not a good use of time.  They have lots of surveys opportunities, but they take too long and usually pay you in points that can later be redeemed for Amazon or Starbucks gift cards.  Of course restrictions apply, you have to have $25 minimum to redeem your points, etc.  I would recommend you avoid these types of sites and focus your efforts on niche...

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Free Money – e-Miles Website

Check out This is a website that offers you the chance to earn “free miles, or rewards” by viewing their sponsored advertising.  You can earn even more if you actual clink through and buy the product or service they are selling.  Since it is free money, the amounts are small, $.05 or $.10, but they can add up quickly if you are active on the site.  Since I am a huge fan of, I link my rewards to my Upromise account and transfer the rewards after I reach $5.00.  I have done this a few times now and...

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I am a Smartphone “Junkie”, and my drug of choice is the Samsung Galaxy S5.  I have it with me everywhere I go 24 x 7.  It rarely leaves my side unless one of my kids grab it to play a song or look something up.  That also usually get them in hot water if it is not returned within ten minutes.  The key point I am trying to make here is that I am always “connected” to my finances.  I can continuously, in real time, check the status of any of my accounts and my pending business transactions.  I can be...

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Every Transaction, Every Time!

Every time I go into any store to buy something, I always pull out my Smartphone and check a few of my apps to make sure I am getting the best deal that I can.  Here are a few that I can check quickly: Amazon Price Checker – (scan the barcode of the product) gives me a quick idea of the online average price eBay – (scan the barcode)  let’s me know what the auction marketplace looks like RetailMeNot – What coupon codes can be immediately applied to the purchase at the register Once you get used to the...

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Featured App of the Week – Amazon Mobile

The is one powerful app for anyone that buys or sells anything, i.e. EVERYONE!  I have it on my phone and use it all the time as a “price checker” to get a sense of the overall market average price for any item.  I know very well that prices change all the time and with the dynamic pricing algorithms running at Amazon.  Pricing for certain items can change three times or more in one day.  Although this may make it difficult to track the price of an item, it is still one of the best overall reference points to consider. ...

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