Every time I go into any store to buy something, I always pull out my Smartphone and check a few of my apps to make sure I am getting the best deal that I can.  Here are a few that I can check quickly:

Amazon Price Checker – (scan the barcode of the product) gives me a quick idea of the online average price

eBay – (scan the barcode)  let’s me know what the auction marketplace looks like

RetailMeNot – What coupon codes can be immediately applied to the purchase at the register

Once you get used to the apps and have developed the habit of making the checks it only adds about 5 minutes to your shopping experience.   Believe me it is well worth it.  I have saved thousands of dollars with these apps over the years!

Lastly,  I am sometimes pleasantly surprised to find some nice deals in the stores that beat the online prices.  You never really know until you do some price checking.