The is one powerful app for anyone that buys or sells anything, i.e. EVERYONE!  I have it on my phone and use it all the time as a “price checker” to get a sense of the overall market average price for any item.  I know very well that prices change all the time and with the dynamic pricing algorithms running at Amazon.  Pricing for certain items can change three times or more in one day.  Although this may make it difficult to track the price of an item, it is still one of the best overall reference points to consider.  Anytime I walk into a store to buy a consumer item, I can quickly scan the barcode with the Amazon app to get a good idea if it is priced competitively.  This concept works just as well when you are in the sell side mindset where you may be looking for items to sell.  Maybe you are at a discount store, thrift shop or yard sale and see an interesting item that you may be able to flip for a quick buck.  Quickly checking the current new and used pricing will give you a good idea if there is an opportunity for you or not. Download the app today, it is well worth it!