Have you ever tried to make a little extra money on the side doing online surveys?  I have and the results are mixed.  Most, if not all, of the generic consumer related survey sites are not a good use of time.  They have lots of surveys opportunities, but they take too long and usually pay you in points that can later be redeemed for Amazon or Starbucks gift cards.  Of course restrictions apply, you have to have $25 minimum to redeem your points, etc.  I would recommend you avoid these types of sites and focus your efforts on niche or specialty sites that cater to a particular skills set (Finance, Healthcare, Tech, Engineering, etc).  These sites usually require some type of registration and confirmation of your skills and proof of expertise, however, once you have that established, the opportunity to actually earn real cash is there.  Check out these two sites that I found for healthcare relates surveys:



What expertise do you have?  Do some research online to find companies that specialize in researching that field and get registered with them (join their panel of experts).  The extra money you could earn doing quick surveys could really add up at the end of the month!