It’s Labor Day, and the kids want to go to the movies for something fun to do later in the evening. I am probably looking at a $50+ expense for admission charges and concession items. How can I reduce this bill and find an affordable way to enjoy the movie without all the expense? Well, here is my ‘quick list’ of to-do’s to cut costs at the theater:

  1. Check my Fandango App for listings (download it on your smartphone)
  2. If I buy my tickets in advance from Fandango and shop through the Upromise link, I get $.15 and 5% cash back for my purchase, (must have a Upromise account and the Upromise credit card)
  3. You can also save if you go to the matinee showing, since I have a military discount, it is of no value to me.  I get the same price as a senior citizen would.
  4. Avoid the concession stand if you can by eating ahead of time.  Since my kids insist on having popcorn, I lose this battle!

Total costs:

  • 3 Tickets at $6.50 each (military discount) = $19.50 (Reg. admission fees $30.00)
  • Upromise cash back $.15 + %5 of $19.50     = $ -1.13  (cash back)
  • Total admission fees                                         = $18.37
  • Net savings                                                         = $11.63 

It would be a great saving story if it ended here.  But I have to add back the cost of one large popcorn to share at $15.00 (UGH!)  No discounts available. If you find any, please contact me.

Every though we are not talking about a lot of money here, $11.63 in savings.  The point of this post is that you can, with minimal efforts, reduce your overall spend when going to the movies. Obviously the more you go, and the more guests you take, the more you would save.  Further, when you start to reframe your thinking in such a way that every time you are going to spend money that you leverage the smartphone in your hand.  The total cumulative effect of this type of thinking over a years worth of spending would be significant.