I am a Smartphone “Junkie”, and my drug of choice is the Samsung Galaxy S5.  I have it with me everywhere I go 24 x 7.  It rarely leaves my side unless one of my kids grab it to play a song or look something up.  That also usually get them in hot water if it is not returned within ten minutes.  The key point I am trying to make here is that I am always “connected” to my finances.  I can continuously, in real time, check the status of any of my accounts and my pending business transactions.  I can be reached by my business associates and my customers when opportunities arise.  I rarely miss out on a business deal because someone couldn’t get a hold of me.  In today’s fast paced, online and connected world, opportunities for profit may only exist for a few minutes.  If you are not mobile, connected and aware, you will miss out time and time again. When I tell people about my affinity for my Smartphone I sure they envision a  teenager hunched over sitting on the couch staring at their phones “playing” Candy Crush or wasting time on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  I can assure you that I try very hard to protect my time and use it wisely, productively, and profitably.

What Smartphone do you have?

Do you use it to make money or does it cost you money?

Do you use it to save time or to waste time?